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Dan and Andrew Cipolla

DAC Magic

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About Us

DAC Magic is a magician duo featuring brothers Dan and Andrew Cipolla who love to bring entertainment and laughter to others through magic tricks and illusions.They both have been on stage since they were very young, beginning with playing piano and violin at functions, recitals, and church. The magic bug entered their life at age 9 and 11, and since then, they have been fascinated by magic and have enjoyed performing for family and friends. Dan and Andrew started performing magic professionally in 2008 and they continue to increase their skills by actively studying the art of magic/illusion. In the past six years, their magic has been witnessed at public and private events for birthday parties, graduations, and even for members of the New England Patriots. 


Dan is now 20 years old and Andrew is 18 years old. Currently, they both attend classes at CCRI. Dan has been playing piano since age five, while Andrew has been playing piano and violin since age seven. When they're not performing magic or music, they enjoy spending time with family, friends, and their dog Riley.

Currently, Andrew is the President of the John Calvert & David Oliver Assembly of the S.Y.M. in Boston, and is excited about helping the younger members learn and grow, in the same way older members had helped him when he joined. 

Dan and Andrew are members of the Society of American Magicians (SAM), the Society of Young Magicians (SYM), the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), the Rhode Island Society of Magicians (RISM), and the New London Society of Magicians (NLSM).

Their Numerous Awards include:

- 2nd Place, Tannen's Magic Camp Senior Stage Competition Finals, 2015

- 1st Place, RISM Annual Magic Contest, 2015

- People's Choice Award, RISM Annual Magic Contest, 2015

- 1st Place, SYM #29 28th Annual Magic Competition, 2015

- 1st Place, SYM #29 27th Annual Magic Competition, 2014

- 2nd Place, SYM #29 27th Annual Magic Competition, 2014

1st Place, SYM #29 26th Annual Magic Competition, 2013

- 2nd Place, Tannen's Magic Camp Junior Stage Competition Finals, 2012

- Magic Music Award, SYM #29 25th Annual Magic Competition, 2012

- 2nd Place, SYM #29 25th Annual Magic Competition, 2012

- 1st Place, RISM Annual Magic Contest, 2011

- People's Choice Award, RISM Annual Magic Contest, 2011

- 2nd Place, RISM Annual Magic Contest, 2011

- People's Choice Award, RISM Annual Magic Contest, 2010

- 3rd Place, SYM #29 23rd Annual Magic Competition, 2010